Server & Storage Solutions

Our server and storage solutions consist of installing tower servers, rack-mountable servers, blade servers and storage. Our solutions offer high performance, reliability, productivity, low power consumption and are offered at very affordable prices.

Tower Servers

Tower servers are designed to deliver high performance, reliability and availability at affordable prices and address any business environment, from work groups and small businesses to medium enterprises.

Blade Servers

IT managers are facing infrastructure challenges, that include costs, energy, change and productivity. Blade servers provide a versatile infrastructure to quickly deliver services to your business. Blade servers systems contain server, storage and network components in a cost-effective design. The management of blade servers is far easier than traditional rack-mount servers, the density is greater and the power consumption much lower.


Storages solutions that are the best suited to the servers infrastructures, as they are designed to satisfy the needs such as virtualization, cloud environment and low-power operation. SLTS provide various storage solutions suitable for server consolidation and virtualization environments with high performance and high availability.