Data, Voice and Power Cabling

Our data cabling solutions are provided using both UTP and fiber with state-of-the-art voice and data copper cabling systems. These ensure that the networks are both reliable and flexible. Furthermore, we also provide power solutions to PCs and UPS.

Data Cabling - UTP [ cat5e, cat6, telephone]

The state-of-the-art voice and data Copper Cabling Systems include a CAT5e, CAT6 offering with industry standards, helping a broad range of customers, implement flexible and reliable networks.

Data Cabling - Fiber [ Multi-mode, Single-mode ]

Our fiber data cables meet with international telecommunications standards and can be laid to cover any underground or aerial distances. Whether it is an internal network within a skyscraper or an inter-city network, we are capable of providing networking solutions for any structure, regardless of size.

Power cabling for PCs and UPS

We offer cost effective total power solutions, for industry networks on par with industry standards. Our chartered qualified electrical engineers ensure that, only the best power solutions are provided for your organization.

Ups Solutions

We provide solutions from desktop PCs to large data centers, to deliver high quality backup power.