Latest News

  • SLTS has been selected by Tudawe Engineering Services to supply and install data, voice network system for Inland Revenue Department worth of Rs.15.2 million.
  • A tender has been awarded to SLTS from SLT our mother company, for the structured cabling of data and voice solution for Old HRC Office at CTO Ground Floor, OTS 4th Floor CEWO Group, Office area for the CEWO Group, and CEWO Group at CTO Ground Floor, for the total value of Rs.4.2 million.
  • PEO TV and data connection solution was provided to Saketha Madura Hotel by SLTS.
  • Provided Kaspersky anti virus solution to Department of Census and Statistics and Presidential Secretariat.
  • PEO TV cabling solution was provided to DNS Holdings International company.
  • Sri Lanka Telecom Services supplied 46 nos. of Personal computers to some of the state owned institutes, such as Buddhist and Pali University, Department of Elections and National Dengue Control Unit.